Why All the Hostility?

Why All the Hostility

I think I’m gonna be sick. Today I just found out what Astroglide was and almost blew chunks. The mere thought of assisted lubrication, straying away from oil changes and lotion, makes me nauseous. I know, I’m such a prude.

In other matters, my co-workers keep asking me if I’m “okay.” I know I may joke around about being depressed (read previous blog), but I honestly don’t feel that bad. I’m from a long line of overexaggeraters, and I have to keep up the family tradition. Then again, I wonder if it’s because they’ve started to notice that I cut my office makeup routine down to just eyeliner, concealer, and lip gloss—these people don’t deserve blush. Or perhaps my disdain for the drabness of life is starting to show at work. That’s probably why I haven’t been ‘in’ on the latest gossip; it’s been weeks since I’ve gotten the scoop. In general, my co-workers only come to me for two things: Candy and information/gossip. Lately, I’ve been void of visitors and hot topics. Come to think of it, one of the other girls put chocolate at her desk, so I guess no one wants to deal with my mints and butterscotch mix anymore. Bastards!

Maybe it’s just me. I have been rolling my eyes more often, and I can get quite a bit confrontational, borderline hostile. I could utilize my ‘tap list’ to get rid of a little bit of the hostility. Then again, BTDT and don’t wanna go there again.  Any suggestions?

Sincerely, ty!

P.S. Today was cake day at work and as expected, I refused. Sugary sweetness no longer excites me. Entice me bitches, entice me!


One thought on “Why All the Hostility?

  1. […] around with chunks of burger trapped in their molars? Ewww!!! That almost made me as sick as the Astroglide did yesterday. Speaking of lubricants, wouldn’t it be fabulous if there were a gay, male […]

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