I’m BAACK!!!!

Hey, Honies!

Back from rehab. Not like Brittany and the gang. Rehab like I-got-a-real-job-and-have-been-working-my-ass-off rehab. You know, the kind of rehab where you take a long trip from your normal life and end up becoming one of those people who has to force themselves into having a life outside of work. I can’t believe I have been so immersed in work that I almost became one of those “I don’t have time for a relationship” type of girls. Who the hell does that in real life? Girl, you better get your man! Save all that drama for Tyler Perry’s next movie because my biological clock does not have time to be turning down good, available men. See how I just went from job, to men, to Tyler Perry. Oh yeah, my new ability to multi-task my ass off has given me an extra boost of ADD.

So I’m back to bring joy to your world. I figured since I’m dating Dell, my laptop, I might as well spend some time with him blogging. We spend so much time together that I’ve been neglecting the people I love – family, friends (spoiled bitches who I hope will forgive my one minor outburst), and Ripsi. Despite being away from home a lot, the good thing is that Ripsi has learned to pee on the puppy pad while mommy (that would be me) works countless hours instead of anywhere she damn well pleases. That sweet bitch is fabulous!

Chow for now.

Sincerely, ty!

Guess Who’s Back ~ RAKIM 

P.S. Can somebody please tell me the who, what, when, where, why and were they black (forgive me) of the story about the Kansas woman on the toilet for 2 years and the boyfriend who didn’t give a shit (no pun intended)?

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One thought on “I’m BAACK!!!!

  1. Tim says:

    It’s about damn time…

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