Special Request

Internet Bride
I know most of you are like, “I thought you were back?” Well, I am back, but I can’t give you all my goodness at once. I figured I would give it to you in doses. You know, like two or three times a week. BWW (Blogging While Working) is really hard, especially if your co-workers are nosy. I don’t know how many times a day I get, “Who was that” after I get off a phone call. Umm…it was none of your damn business, hence the soft tone and the silent chuckles.

My co-workers have no problem projecting all their personal information out into the workplace. Unfortunately, due to his lack of a inside voice, I now know that one of my coworkers is divorced to a crack-head who caused him to go bankrupt. TMI, homie, TMI. To make matters worse, a few days after being succumbed to the unwanted information, I felt sorry for the guy and asked him how everything was going. You know, the crack-headex-wife, being a single father, the lack of good credit, etc. He turned a response, which should’ve been, “Fine,” or “Taking it day-by-day,” into a long drawn out story that ultimately turned out to be a tale about him trying to buy a baby momma on the internet. Hey, those kids need a mother and if paying a one-time fee of $10,000 is all it takes to get those little hellions off his back, then I say go for it.

This week it was spring break for his little demons, and I swear I heard him cuss them out at least 10 times each day. They called him everyday for the dumbest sh**. Can I ride my bike? Can I have a banana? I’m bored. He hit me. Forget the internet baby momma! Sell their little asses to the Cuban mafia. I bet those little hands would be perfect for rolling cigars. All jokes aside, this guy is really sweet. He’s a hard-working single father who needs someone special (and sexy, per his request) to make his life grand. So if you are down for making sweet love to an over 40 stallion (so he says), and don’t mind being a mother to two little hellions, then leave your email address and a full length picture. All women should apply, especially Filipino, Thai and anything else you see for sale on the internet. Sorry, just being honest.




Over it – Militant minister coverage

All about it– Media trying to dig up “dirt” on Ashley Alexandra Dupre and the ch-ching she is being offered to pose nude from the likes of Larry Flint and Joe Francis. Don’t you just love high-priced ho’s? The ho-locity just pulls you in.

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