Damn thee, Mali!!!

I’ve been busy, damn it! Give me a break! Sorry about the loooong absence, especially since my previous blog made it seem like I was back to stay. Lies, lies, lies. Never believe anything I have to say when it has to do with a committment. But anyway, so what have I been doing? Well, the j-o-b has got me goin’ nuts. Sometimes I just sit at my desk, gaze at my neverending stack, and say, “Damn thee, ye wretched pile of work!”

Anyway, so I’m on my way home from work today, and I come to the realization that I’m probably going to need a new car in about 3-6 months. Random malfunctions keep occuring and the stress of it is making me want to throw the Mali (P.O.S car) over a cliff. It’s crazy because the items that have issues seem to be stuff that’s not supposed to break on a car . 

First malfunction – Blinker:  It seems to be that Mali seems to know the exact time to be uncooperative – lunch time. For the last two weeks, my blinker has refused to work during lunch. This is truly when I need it the most. People are relentless during the lunch hour and aren’t kind to people who just smash on their brakes and cut their way in. Sorry lady in the grey Tahoe. How does the blinker stop working anyway? Is that even something that can be fixed or replaced? Damn thee blinker!

Second malfunction – Lack of sun visors: About the first year of having my car, the sun visors decided to commit suicide. Yes, they jumped off their hinges and lept to their death. As a result, I can’t block the setting sun. Sun in the face is a bitch after a long day at work. Such a shame – picture me stylin’ in diva shades while blocking the sun with my hands. Shades help, but sometimes the sun is at a spot where you just gotta have a visor or a midget sitting on your dash blocking the sun.

Third malfunction – AC button: Apparently Mali’s AC needs to be convinced in order for it to cooperate. It takes about 10 violent pushes of the button to get it going. Although once it’s going, it’s good to go, but then it refuses to turn off. The Texas heat is no place for an AC with an attitude. So you have two options: 1) Work up a sweat trying to push the damn AC button, or  2)Freeze your ass of for the rest of the trip.

So that makes 3 strikes. It’s about time for a new car anyway. The Mali is being a huge asshole and I don’t have time for anymore of its foolishness.

Sincerely, ty!



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