Style Etiquette Session: Holy vs Hussy

Hussy (1980)

My aunt and I often call other women, and sometimes eachother, “hussy” just for funsies. Although we really don’t mean it (kinda), the word rolls off our tonugues’ very easily, without filters and without regret, to describe a woman who appears loose, promiscuous, the floozy type, etc. Every Sunday morning while in preparation for church, after hair, makeup and wardrobe are complete, I look in the mirror and ask myself, “Do I look like a hussy?” Now understand that my wardrobe is stylish, classic and safe. There are a lot of animal prints and a little bit of spandex, but those items are usually not reserved for church. However, I always feel the need to ask myself the question: Holy or Hussy?

I can recall one evening during cocktails with a few friends, a young lady mentioned that her grandmother called her a “hussy” because she had the nerve to show up to church sans pantyhose. From what I can recall about the conversation, her grandmother was 175 years old, lived in Alabama or Mississippi (or something of the sorts) and it was 112 degrees outside on the day of the bare-legged scandal. This really bothered me. I absolutely despise wearing pantyhose to church, as did my crew for the evening. As a church member who likes to feel welcomed in one’s church environment, I look forward to the day when the more mature women in the church will eventually pass the torch to the women of my generation. But if they think I’m going to wear pantyhose in the heat of the summer, then they’ve got another thing coming. Why won’t I assimilate?

1. I can never find my shade. You would think that brown with yellow undertones would be easy to weave together. Guess not. I often have to settle for something in between. Basically, I have special skin. A sunkissed complexion to which only God knows the formula. I’m just saying.

2. Pantyhose are such a nuisance. My dress/shoe combinations don’t particularly call for them. Patterned tights? Yes. Thigh Highs? Yes. Sun Shade Hose most famous for being seen on the runways of Sunrise Assisted Living as well as my grandmother’s sock drawer? Definitely no!

In addition to the hosiery issue, there is also the feeling of not covering up the bosoms well enough. Being a small-bosomed woman, I thought I’d be exempt. Negative. Apparently men like chest meat of all sizes. Showing it to them makes them like it more. So for the past few years I’ve invested in all types of camisoles, tanks, slips, etc. All of this to appear to modest in my appearance.

I say this all in jest, but honestly, this is Sincerely Ty’s Style Etiquette Rule #5: Dress Appropriately. Appearance is important. Learning how to dress for the occasion is key to making a good impression. Whether it be at church or at work, you want to learn how to show your own personal style while also being respectful of others.

Remember, no is perfect. I’ve broken many of the style rules myself.

If you’re tired of being the hussy/floozy type, I can help. Contact me to schedule one of my styling sessions. I also offer FREE Sincerely Ty Style Etiquette sessions to non-profits, schools and other organizations – children and adults welcome!


Sincerely Ty


P.S. There are a slew of Proverbs that exemplify why dressing like a hussy is bad. YIKES! Maybe God will forgive us if we only dress like hussies Thurs – Saturday? 3 out of 7 days walking in sin isn’t so bad. Could be worse.

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