How Deep Is Your Tuck?

How Deep Is Your Tuck?

During an evening out with a guy friend, I noticed a fairly, nice-looking gentleman in my peripheral who was the most recent victim of bad winter fashion. First of all, he was wearing a white turtleneck. Not a mock turtleneck often worn by the more mature men in the office, but a real turtleneck that most likely required him to fold it a time or two (more like five) to the get it perfect. To make matters worse, the turtleneck was tucked in so tightly that my friend and I both agreed that it must have been tucked into his undies. To give the guy the benefit of the doubt, the turtleneck was clean. That’s about as far as I can stretch it.

After witnessing the deep tuck, my friend and I discussed the issue. As a fairly fashionable guy, he felt the need to mention that there are different levels of tucking. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Apparently guys have different tucking styles for each occasion. I assumed that most men just made a habit of buying shirts that fit well and could be tucked in as usual – tuck front, tuck back, tuck sides, zip, belt and go. Anything that couldn’t be tucked in this fashion would be deemed as a piece of clothing that did not fit or didn’t need to be tucked at all. Wrong!

This conversation sparked a little research and observation on my part. I didn’t go around stalking random men, but I did eyeball a few. From my research, I compiled the key rules applicable to the fellas when it comes to tucking. I thought most men were knowledgeable of these rules; however, my research concluded that apparently there are quite a few men who require a little guidance.

  1. Dress shirt – Tuck. We all know this style. Buy a nicely fitted shirt, well-fitted pants, wear a belt and you can’t go wrong. Beware of wearing pants too high!
  2. T-shirt – No tuck. Even if it costs $80, a T-shirt is meant to be casual. A regular t-shirt worn as the FEATURE/MAIN piece of clothing should be worn un-tucked. However, if the t-shirt is NOT the main feature and is to be worn under another shirt, sports jacket or blazer, then you’ll definitely want to tuck it.
  3. The “Muscle” Shirt – No tuck. I know that none of my male readers and/or male clients wear muscle shirts outside of the gym – at least I hope not. But just in case any of you want to go there, then this is for you. You’ve all seen this shirt. Men who have muscles and like to show them off tend to wear them. Muscles aren’t the issue, we all enjoy that part. The tucking in of the muscle shirt is a problem. I don’t care how many muscles you have, we can still see all of them without the tuck. Even if it’s a rayon blend (no!!!), it’s still a t-shirt. T-shirt=relax=this is not serious=no tuck required. The only way you can get away with tucking in this type of t-shirt is if it’s the dressier type and is layered with a blazer or sports jacket, or if you’re a male go-go dancer and it’s part of your uniform.
  4. Sweater – Never tuck in a sweater. THE END.

Please be aware that there are some exceptions to the rule – ala the plaid shirt. Tucked or un-tucked, I like it either way, or both. But in general, if you’re just a guy trying to make it every day, then I’d suggest you stick with the basics and leave the exceptions to the guys who like to dabble in men’s fashion.

And remember, SINCERELY TY is here to assist with your fashion dilemmas. Contact me today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!!!

Sincerely Ty

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