Bespoken Like a True Gentleman

Hello, lovely!

I have something to brag about. Guess who’s cooler than me? No one! Well at least not last week. Today any coolness I had has worn away. I’m off my high and back in the realm of regular people aspiring for greatness. Last week I was cooler than you because I attended an event hosted by Michael Andrews Bespoke’s DC location. For those of you who may not be aware, Michael Andrews Bespoke is a menswear shop that produces some of the absolute best custom-made suits. The website describes the vision of the business as “high-end yet approachable menswear with a modern flare.” Now that I’ve witnessed the outcome of the company’s vision, not only do I agree, but I’ve also decided to create (or should I say “revamp”) my own vision. As of today, the vision for my ideal man has changed – all thanks to Michael Andrews Bespoke. And the list goes as follows. My ideal man absolutely must:

  1. Be Disease free
  2. Be Heterosexual
  3. Adore me
  4. Be God-fearing
  5. Have his suits custom-made at Michael Andrews Bespoke

I can not budge on #5. I’m sorry. If hell actually does freeze over, I may possibly budge on #1-4, but nothing could change my mind about the suits. Definitely a deal breaker.

During the event I actually had the chance to meet with Michael Andrews and speak to him directly. He’s great! Such a gentleman – very kind and wears a suit very well. He wore a navy, pinstripe suit with an extremely high lapel. ‘Extremely high’ as in it touched the top of his collar bone. I’m guessing high lapels are in style. He would know, not me. It looked great, and he pulled it off well. I also picked his brain and settled a long debate: Is a midnight blue tuxedo acceptable for after-five, black-tie events? At times I despise it, but other times I can’t tell whether the suit is midnight blue or black. Nevertheless, he (Michael Andrews, the expert) said it was acceptable.

Take a look at the pictures below. The fitting room which is adorned with lots of great books (must reads: The Satorialist Closer, Gentlemen by Bernhard Roetzel) and a rug that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

photo 2   photo 3

So if you get a chance, stop by in DC, stop by in NY. You’ll fall in love with the look and feel of the Bespoke environment. If you’re a guy and want to learn how to look well in a suit and wear it properly 1) call me, talk to me, schedule a session and 2) call me, talk to me, schedule a session, let’s go to Michael Andrews Bespoke.

Sincerely Ty


P.S. I’ve had a few requests for video blogs (I believe Vlog is the correct term), and the answer is ‘no.’ I have an English degree I’m still paying for, and I’m putting it to use. Also, you don’t need to watch anymore tv anyhow. READ! Help me, help you! Pray for me.

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