Keep Your Panties On Girl…Or Not


Ladies, lA9XATXQCYAEPomm (1)adies, ladies:

This one’s for you!!!!

First of all, DC during Inauguration 2013 was amazing! While attending one of Saturday night’s events, a few of my girlfriends asked for my style advice: Should you wear panties underneath Spanx? Pantyhose? Tights? Sorry about the “P” word. It’s not one of my faves but for the sake of the blog, PANTIES it is. The answer to their question is Yes, No and It Depends. 

Here’s the rundown.

  • Pantyhose – First of all, if you’re wearing any type of hosiery that can be seen any day of the week strutting down the halls of Sunrise Senior Assisted Living Center, please pay close attention. Flesh tone pantyhose are NOT as popular as they’ve been in the past. Sheer hosiery is definitely in. Take notes from Beyonce if you want to see them worn well. However, as far as the flesh tone hosiery that currently fills your grandmother’s hosiery drawer – not so much. So what about the panties? If your pantyhose come with a cotton crotch (and they should), then ‘no’ you don’t need to wear panties. That’s why that area exists.
  • Tights – They’re fun, they’re patterned, they’re all the rage. See notes for pantyhose.  
  • Spanx – Pretty much the same as pantyhose. Spanx body wear provides a crotch area to serve in place of panties. No undies will also help to avoid pantylines. In addition, there’s a hole in place in most Spanx body wear for when it’s time to tinkle.
  • BONUS: Leggings – Put on some panties, girlfriend! Especially if you’re wearing leggings with a shirt that does not cover your buns. I have a few friends who refuse to wear panties with leggings, and I’m sure they’ll continue to not wear them. However, it goes back to 1) most leggings don’t have a cotton crotch, 2) leggings are often made of synthetic fibers or blended fibers and not cotton, 3) continue to do so and you’re begging for yeast growth and 4) EWWW!

What to do if you can’t part with your undies?

  • Go bare-legged. Some ladies opt to do so. I wouldn’t recommend this for east coast lovelies, especially with the snow that was coating my front porch a few days ago. However, hosiery is great for covering unsightly scars, varicose veins, stretch marks, etc.
  • Wear panties with a cotton crotch, preferably a white, cotton crotch in combination with hosiery. Make sure the combination isn’t too tight. Should you be prone to yeast growth, you might want to go with this option. Also, stay away from combining hosiery with panties made of synthetic fibers.
  • Wear thigh highs. Victoria’s Secret has the absolute best selection. I’ve been wearing them for over 10 years and have been extremely satisfied.

Hope this was helpful.

Sincerely, Ty


Bradley Cooper + Tom Ford + SAG Awards = DONE!!!

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