Summer Inspiration

I finally found my summer inspiration!!!

Summer 2013 Inspiration

Summer 2013 Inspiration

The above picture is a creation of Saul Bass and includes one of my absolute favorite leading ladies, Dorothy Dandridge. I remember one of my childhood summers sitting with my grandmother during my first introduction to Oscar Hamerstein’s Carmen. Ms. Dandridge’s character was fiesty and a borderline harlot. Not judging – those type of women are often my faves, if not my inspirations in life. Amazed and wide-eye, I was ready to change my entire elementary wardrobe for the coming school year. PROBLEM: Off-the-shoulder was not fifth-grade friendly, nor fifth-grade mom acceptable. Still the same little girl (somewhere deep inside), but quite a few years older, I’ve decided to once again use Carmen as my inspiration. All things Summer 2013 shall be Carmen-inspired – color, clothes, hair, makeup, wardrobe.

Stay tuned!!!

Sincerely, Ty

P.S. You asked for it, and it’s coming your way! Tune in Thursday for a review of Donna Karan’s ‘Cashmere Mist’ Deodorant/Antiperspirant. With summer approaching, a girls gotta be fresh. No musty Betty’s allowed.

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