Sincerely Ty Presents: Style Etiquette 101

What does his style of dress portray about him?

What do you think of when you see these ladies? What does their style and appearance portray?

Sincerely Ty Presents: Style Etiquette 101!

Sincerely Ty invites you to attend the new workshop series: Style Etiquette 101! This workshop provides attendees with the foundation of style and how to present oneself in the proper manner.

What is Style Etiquette?

Believe it or not, how you look transcends into the way you carry yourself and how you are portrayed by others. It’s important to portray yourself in the proper manner when it comes to style and appearance.

Why is Style Etiquette Important?

It’s contagious, and it’s the right thing to do. Fashion becomes a trend because humans tend to follow one another. Thus, good fashion trends will follow suit.

What will Style Etiquette teach you?

Learn good and bad habits of style as well as attitude and every etiquette when it comes to appearance. Discover what to wear and when to wear it and how to speak fashion truths. Learn how to maintain your appearance and promote good hygiene

Who benefits from Style Etiquette?

EVERYONE! Educating oneself on how to approach the social and daily aspects of life and living that are associated with appearance is essential.

Contact me today to schedule a session! Great for individuals, students, young professionals and non-profit organizations in need of expert image and wardrobe advice.

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