Best Gifts Ever: Candles

Hey, lovelies!

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. How’s the shopping going? Did I make the list? If not, no problem. It’s better to give than to receive, and I’m probably the BEST GIFT GIVER EVER, second only to Oprah and the ultimate giver of life (God). It’s true! I love to see the looks on peoples’ faces when they open my gifts. Priceless! So what’s my secret?

  • ASK: I ask my gift recipients directly what they want. No middle man. No hints. No second opinions. Just tell me what you want! You can’t go wrong with that.
  • TALENT: I’m just good at it. Don’t be jealous, be wise and leave the shopping to me.
  • TASTE: My personal tastes are of quality, efficiency and practicality. Thus, I often buy others items that I’ve already purchased for my personal use. Never fails.

Don’t trust the formula yet? No worries. Inspired by Mother O, today marks DAY 01 of Sincerely Ty’s Favorite Things. That’s right! Things I like that I’m sure you’ll love. By DAY 25, I’m sure you’ll be convinced.

Henri Bendel Candles | By far the best candles ever. Expensive? Yes, but well worth the price. My favorite is Peony. I purchased the candle in September 2013. That’s right! Still going strong. The candle burns clean and can also be used to add a soft scent to a small space by simply opening the container lid. Definitely add this to your shopping list.

Sincerely, Ty

Number OnePeony Henri Bendel Candle

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