Best Gifts Ever: Toys

Hey, lovelies!

Finding gifts for kids can be difficult. The childish trends tend to come and go at the blink of an eye. Supposedly Batman is in, and Spiderman is out. Both Ninja Turtles and Mario Brothers are back. I’m still trying to save the princess on level 8 from the very first Nintendo game, so I have no clue as to what’s really going on. To make matters worse, as a person without children, it’s something awful to find myself in a Toys R Us. I absolutely refuse! Kids, germ, crazy parents, an excessive amount of toys – NO! So when it came to selecting gifts for my two nephews, I was a bit stumped. But as the best gift giver ever (second only to Oprah and the Giver of Life), I feel like I’ve topped myself on this one. I definitely claim VICTORY!


Twister Trax Bump-n-Go | These battery operated cars operate on a 13-foot track that can twist, turn and…wait for it…GLOW IN THE DARK. Kids can form the track into circles, ramps, loops or whatever their imagination allows.


  • I’m an awesome aunt.
  • I allow them to do whatever they want. Cheetos and chocolate for breakfast? Yes. Run around like a maniac in the toy store? Yes. Play Tickle Monster in my mother’s house and almost break her black figurines and expensive Emett Kelly collection? Yes.
  • I buy them awesome gifts like the Twister Trax Bump-n-Go.

For the childless people out there, if you don’t want to be all alone at Sunrise Assistance Living Center on visitor’s day, then you better start buying better gifts. Showing the babies love and teaching them “the way” is important too (yeah, yeah whatever), but gifts are just as important. Spend the dough!

Sincerely, Ty

4Twister Trax

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