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Hello, all!

Guess who has a new website? ME! Make sure you check it out!

Sincerely Ty also has finally customized the long awaited Save the Princess Workshop. This workshop is extremely crucial for young girls who are looking forward to experiencing the womanly changes in their bodies. Women of all ages will also benefit by gaining a new perspective on how to maintain their bodies and outward appearance. Whether you’re a full-fledged member of the girls club, or if you’re a little lady blossoming into womanhood, this workshop is for you. We cover it all!

  • Appearance and Hygiene
  • Good and Bad Habits
  • The HAIR down there
  • Undies 
  • Sexual health
  • Good Scents and Bad Scents
  • What’s Your Color?
  • What’s Your Season?

I’m excited, and I know you are too!

Sincerely, Ty


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