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Revamp Your Closet!!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

With the introduction of the new year, I resolved to do several things differently. No more allowing my clothes for the cleaners to turn from a pile to a mountain, no more pushing snooze, and my ultimate fave, no more complaining. In search of all the areas of my life I want to change or upgrade, I finally decided to instead take on a positive approach to my New Year’s resolution. I only resolve “to do” things instead of resolving “to not do” certain things or perform particular types of behavior. My new resolution: take the clothes to the cleaners before the pile turns into a mountain, wake up without pushing snooze and be grateful.

After I settled on my resolutions, the first step on my 2013 to-do list was to first become my own client. Yes, to 1) clean my own closet, 2) revamp my own wardrobe, 3) become my own personal shopper and 4) perform my own image consultation. Often times I’m so busy rearranging my clients’ wardrobes, and I customarily tackle my own re-imaging only once a quarter.

I decided to take on the first task – clean my closet. As a professional closet organizer, rarely is my personal closet in extreme disarray. However, while visiting my parents for the holidays, I forced myself to face the dreadful closet at my father’s house that was overflowing with memories of me. Throughout the two hours of debating matters such as whether or not my wool nightgown with the ruffled-neck and sleeves should go into the keep or toss pile, I suddenly understood why my clients have such a hard time letting go of items that I consider as excess and they cherish more than gold. I loved that nightgown! Despite the fact that I recall it being itchy as hell and my head probably couldn’t fit through the opening, I still wanted to keep it. Ultimately I came to my senses, and I tossed the nightgown in addition to two garbage bags full of stuffed animals, free t-shirts and high school football paraphernalia.

This is what I kept:

PicShells- (1)

Boxing Gloves: You never know when someone might need a beat down.

Economics for Dummies: Do you really understand sequestration?

Picture frames: My unborn brown babies will need to be on display.

Vintage, pink, silk dress: Coming soon!

Letterman jacket: I EARNED THAT!

Cheerleader Wind-breaker: My name is embroidered on the jacket. Why not keep it?

With a new year comes a new you. I always encourage my clients to book with me at least once a year to revamp their closets. Now I’m encouraging you to do so. Contacting me would be the smartest move in 1) removing clutter, 2) creating order, and 3) starting fresh. Don’t let this year go by without getting it together.

So…..the website if finally up, but like the Virgo that I am, I’m not easily impressed and I’m super hard to please, thus it will be revamped again soon. In the meantime, please take a look and enjoy.


P.S. I promise I’ll try to blog more; however, these days all I want to do it sleep, drink cocktails, organize and revamp. Pray for me. Chin-chin!

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