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Girl, How Do You Do What You Do?: Bathroom Edition

Hello, readers:

Many times people ask me, “Girl, how do you do what you do?” Most of the time I take all the credit. However, if there’s anything fabulous about me at all, it can be attributed to the following people:

  1.  My dear friend Angela who taught me how to be beautiful inside and out.
  2. My Uncle Maurice who was and always is fabulous. He knew I was hot stuff even at age 4.
  3. My parents who made magic when they created me. In that case, add God to the list too.
  4.  Oprah, Lena, Naomi, Tyra (the other one), Audrey, Claire Huxtable, Diana (the Diva), Diana (the princess) and Janet. I’ve been a copy cat of these lovely ladies for quite some time.

Can you too be as fabulous as me? Can you do what I do? Perhaps. But as I stated above, it takes a great friend, a fab uncle, genetic magic, a push from GOD and absolutely stealing the styles of all your favorites divas for a timeframe of 30 years plus. Good luck with that. While you practice on being fabulous, how about I give you a sneak peak into my fabulous bathroom. Horrible segue? Yes, but I’m tired, slightly delusional and I had to suck you in somehow. Don’t worry, it gets better.

Girl, How Do You Do What You Do: Bathroom Edition: Take a sneak peak into my bathroom. Friends always comment on how they wish they had the time to make their bathrooms as nice as mine. Honestly, I spent one Saturday afternoon at the mall purchasing a few items and about an hour or so actually putting everything together. Also, the bathroom isn’t all that fab if you really think about it – it’s just clean, organzied and decorated with a few overpriced accesories. You guys are suckers from a few knick-knacks. Nevertheless, your bathroom can be fabulous too!


THE COUNTER – Cleaning off the counter is half the battle; keeping it clean it the other half. Buy some nice containers to hold your everyday go-to items. My favroite spot is West Elm. I bought a storage box and removed the top. Many of my go-to items are arranged nicely inside the box. The key is that all my madness is hidden. Then I added a lamp for a little personal style and decorated with my own jewelry. Easy, breezy, organized.

 ACCESSORY HOLDERS – These little holders are so cute! They’re probably actually hors d’oeuvre plates (shrug). I bought a couple from West Elm. Great for holding all your earrings that you wear during the week.


SETTING THE MOOD – I love to take baths! The little table next to the tub holds all my essentials – bath salts and candles. I also added a few other items. Containers from Walmart – no more than $3.0o each. Candle holders from World Market – $1.oo max.


 IN THE SHOWER – So I used the box top as a hard surface to hold shampoos and all my other goodies. It makes keeping the shower clean and organized a lot easier!


 I hope you all enjoyed this. You people are a mess. Let me help you get it together. Of course, I’ll charge you my standard rate, but you’ll be better off in the end.

Contact me when you’re ready to get it together!

Sincerely, Ty


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