Best Gifts Ever: Bathroom Goodies

Hey, lovelies! DAY 02 of Sincerely Ty’s Favorite Things. Yay!

As a self-proclaimed princess, I want no mention of my bathroom behavior outside of prepping and primping. I want people to think that hair, makeup, showers and dental care are the only possible activities going on behind my bathroom door. However, as a firm believer of doing what my body tells me to do (but with the utmost discretion), there’s a huge possibility that something other than the above-mentioned happens. You know what I’m talking about, right? Please don’t make me say it!

Bathroom Goodies featuring Poo-Pourri | Technically there is no proof that I’ve ever done that thing that happens when you’re all alone in the bathroom. But just in case it ever does, I have this little guy on standby.

Poo-Pourri How-To

  • STEP 1: Spray a little Poo-Pourri in the water.
  • STEP 2: Do that thing.
  • STEP 3: Wash hands.
  • STEP 4: Walk out like nothing happen. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!
Day 02

Day 02

Bathroom Goodies

It’s probably not a good idea to hand someone a gift box of Poo-Pourri. But because I am the BEST GIFT GIVER EVER (second only to Oprah and the Giver of Life), my suggestion is to bundle the gift with other bathroom goodies – like bath salts. The picture above shows canisters of goodies from my own bathroom. Each canister was $2 at Wally World and contains the following.

  • Canister of bathroom essentials (Q-tips and cotton balls)
  • Canister of bath salts (I make my own because I’m awesome!)
  • Canister of baking soda (Every Sunday the Princess gives herself a baking soda body scrub. No one on earth (not even Oprah) has elbows soften than mine!)

Total Bathroom Goodies no more than $25. Put the Poo-Pourri and all the goodies in a bag, hand it off, smile and say “You’re Welcome.” Easy gift! Might want to buy some for yourself as well.

Sincerely, Ty

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Best Gifts Ever: Candles

Hey, lovelies!

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. How’s the shopping going? Did I make the list? If not, no problem. It’s better to give than to receive, and I’m probably the BEST GIFT GIVER EVER, second only to Oprah and the ultimate giver of life (God). It’s true! I love to see the looks on peoples’ faces when they open my gifts. Priceless! So what’s my secret?

  • ASK: I ask my gift recipients directly what they want. No middle man. No hints. No second opinions. Just tell me what you want! You can’t go wrong with that.
  • TALENT: I’m just good at it. Don’t be jealous, be wise and leave the shopping to me.
  • TASTE: My personal tastes are of quality, efficiency and practicality. Thus, I often buy others items that I’ve already purchased for my personal use. Never fails.

Don’t trust the formula yet? No worries. Inspired by Mother O, today marks DAY 01 of Sincerely Ty’s Favorite Things. That’s right! Things I like that I’m sure you’ll love. By DAY 25, I’m sure you’ll be convinced.

Henri Bendel Candles | By far the best candles ever. Expensive? Yes, but well worth the price. My favorite is Peony. I purchased the candle in September 2013. That’s right! Still going strong. The candle burns clean and can also be used to add a soft scent to a small space by simply opening the container lid. Definitely add this to your shopping list.

Sincerely, Ty

Number OnePeony Henri Bendel Candle

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Be a lady


Even when you don’t feel that others are deserving of your kindness, your elegance or your standard good behavior – at all times and at all costs, be a lady. Set the stage for how you want others to treat you, by being a lady at all times, at all costs. The world will love you for it. You’ll love yourself for it.

Sincerely, Ty


Sincerely Ty Presents: Style Etiquette 101

What does his style of dress portray about him?

What do you think of when you see these ladies? What does their style and appearance portray?

Sincerely Ty Presents: Style Etiquette 101!

Sincerely Ty invites you to attend the new workshop series: Style Etiquette 101! This workshop provides attendees with the foundation of style and how to present oneself in the proper manner.

What is Style Etiquette?

Believe it or not, how you look transcends into the way you carry yourself and how you are portrayed by others. It’s important to portray yourself in the proper manner when it comes to style and appearance.

Why is Style Etiquette Important?

It’s contagious, and it’s the right thing to do. Fashion becomes a trend because humans tend to follow one another. Thus, good fashion trends will follow suit.

What will Style Etiquette teach you?

Learn good and bad habits of style as well as attitude and every etiquette when it comes to appearance. Discover what to wear and when to wear it and how to speak fashion truths. Learn how to maintain your appearance and promote good hygiene

Who benefits from Style Etiquette?

EVERYONE! Educating oneself on how to approach the social and daily aspects of life and living that are associated with appearance is essential.

Contact me today to schedule a session! Great for individuals, students, young professionals and non-profit organizations in need of expert image and wardrobe advice.

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Sew You’re A Designer Now?

Yep, I’m thinking about learning how to sew. Will I be great? We’ll see. Will I give up within a few months? Let’s hope not. Will I find someone who already knows how to sew and pay them to create all my designs? Likely.

My plan is to start off designing pillows. Don’t sleep…I have lots of great ideas in mind. Let’s just hope I can do a better job than Denise.


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